Nursing Assistant Job in USA

A Nursing Assistant is required to provide basic patient care under direction of nursing staff. Duties of nursing assistants includes feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, or to move patients, or change linens. This position is open to qualified and passionate nursing assistants, male candidates are advised to apply for this position.

Roles and Responsibilites

  1. Will be attached to patients requiring care in all territories where nursing is given.

2. Performs preventive, rehabilitative, helpful nursing systems: e.g., dynamic as well as latent scope of movement (ROM) to help and spur the patient to accomplish most extreme freedom in exercises of day by day living.

3. Performs tolerant consideration medicines, for example, basic dressing not requiring prescriptions (for example defensive dressing on lower legs, heels, elbows, and so on.)

4. Applies outside urinary seepage frameworks (male/female); keeps up inhabiting urinary catheters, keeps up the gravity waste framework, and watches for patency, gives catheter care as per systems/benchmarks.

5. Quickly reports changes in the patient’s conduct and additionally physical condition, for example, draining, respiratory misery, and records nursing colleague intercessions acted in the “Progress Notes” which are a piece of the patient’s clinical record.

6. Gathers understanding data for nursing history. Situates patients to unit; helping with defining Nursing Care Plans dependent on data acquired while giving individual patient AAcare; watches and records patient’s physical and enthusiastic condition, care given , and patient’s reaction.

7. Takes care of patients exercises of every day living by helping the patient to achieve maximal freedom and self-care in washing, prepping, and nourishing; performs rehabilitative nursing methodology, for example, move, ambulation, scope of movement, and helps with exercises, for example, gut and bladder preparing.


Secondary School or Equivalent


C.N.A confirmation or if nothing else one year experience functioning as a nursing assistant

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